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Three new sizes just added!

Hello friends!  Just today realized that I’d not yet added two sizes that I’d been making for a while for people who asked… the size 3XSmall and the size 6XLarge, which have both turned out to be oft-needed sizes.  Usually I quietly make new sizes for people who ask, test them out for awhile, and if it’s right, then they get added to the website.  These should have been there awhile ago, so I’m sorry for the delay.  Someone just ordered a size 7XL so I decided to go ahead and put that one online and available as well.  Haven’t yet added the newest patterns for those who may want to sew them, not enough time today, but will get around to it as soon as I can.  Right now, am too busy sewing microbead forms for everyone in between taking care of hubby and the house.

So, for those of you who have been waiting for more sizes, they are now here!  I’ve ALSO redone the size chart a little bit so that maybe it’s somewhat easier to read and to see the progression of the sizes for the microbead forms as the bra size goes up or down.  You may notice SOME bra sizes that are not common, but the chart makes more sense when as many as possible are shown.  If your size isn’t shown for some reason, you’ll now be able to see the progression and be able to find the closest size to what you need.  You can view the new chart here: and if there’s a size you need, go to the ‘Items for Sale’ page here:  items-for-sale.php to order.  As of today, I only have one more pair to make, so I’m keeping up pretty well most of the time.

That brings it up to a grand total of 13 sizes available, in 3 colors (light nude and dark nude/tan, and also in a matte black that matches black bras and swimsuit linings).  There’s always further customizations to make them fit better for those with unilateral as well as for those with bilateral mastectomy.  As long as my hands and eyesight will work well enough to do this, will keep making them and posting more info to the website.  If you see mistakes, by the way, would surely appreciate your pointing them out, because every time I look at it, I find SOMETHING more that I’d not noticed.  Helps to have fresh eyes look so that my embarrassing misspellings and any dead links can be found and corrected.

Remember, if you’re not sure, you can always write to me and I’ll look up your size and see if it matches something I already make, and if it doesn’t, I may be able to draft a new pattern for your size and do it anyway.  That’s the beauty of being one woman sitting at home with my sewing machine, and not having to only make sizes that fit ‘most’ people, and being able to do this to help other surivors, not a business.  I can make any size for anyone at any time, and add customizations to make it fit even better when needed, so there’s no reason for anyone to have to be uncomfortable with Silicone forms this summer or any time.

Mary :^)