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Happy New Year to all of my friends! The 2014/2015 update:

Sending best wishes for a Happy New Year to all of my MastectomySolutions friends! May we all have a safe and healthy 2015. Love and hugs to everyone!  Remember, every year brings us both happiness and heartache, but we can choose to remember the good parts and work on making the difficulties better. Life is pretty much what we make of it once we get beyond the parts we have no control over. Let’s take control.

I choose to look forward with joy to the new year, surely it’ll be better than the past one, lol…  Those of you who correspond regularly, know that I’ve been sidelined for a few months in a wheelchair and/or bed-rest (nothing terrible, just some annoying minor ankle problems that required a lot of resting and elevating the ol’ tootsies to heal) but I’ve kept the website going and hope to see it grow with more info this coming year.  I’m still sewing almost daily, making microbead breast forms for everyone possible, just at a slightly slower speed,.. occasionally taking from 2 days up to a week before yours is sewn and shipped.  You’re in my prayers, and I’d appreciate being in yours, that I can be up and walking regularly within another few weeks.  You won’t believe the plans I have for the website this year, but it would go much faster if I were in the upright and locked position, lol…  That’s it for 2014, tomorrow morning is 2015, let’s get going!