A rare sighting, but a must-have for mastectomy survivors!

OK girls…I know, I know, it doesn’t take much to get me all excited about potential mastectomy clothing, but just today at Walmart I saw a rack of stretch lace long sleeved tops (made like snug tee shirts) for about $9.99 and thoroughly meant to go back and buy one for myself but forgot, silly me!  Why on earth would I WANT a see-through lace tee-shirt, you may well ask?  WELL, good question.

A few years back when investigating ways for us with mastectomy scars to still wear garments with deeper necklines and armholes, I saw long sleeved stretch lace tops on a mastectomy site, made to wear under everything from daytime garments to very dressy evening wear.  They were quite expensive, but an awesome idea, and would let us wear almost anything we did before mastectomy without showing off our scars or the hollow area in our upper chest wall above our breast forms.  Yes, you can see a bit of skin through the airy stretch lace, but it camouflages the little scars and such, and the lace sleeves even make lymphedema less noticeable in an arm.

Now get this….the ones I saw  today looked almost EXACTLY like the expensive version! Normally, just the lace yardage would cost triple the price, so these are a steal.  I only saw them in black, but there may be more colors.  They would be awesome under ANYTHING, even swimsuits (worn either under or over).  So, if you have been driving yourself bonkers trying to find a dress for some special occasion and found them ALL too revealing, grab your keys and fly off to Wally-World quickly before the stretch lace tops are all gone!  If your store doesn’t have them, keep checking, as I’ve found that not all stores have the same items at the same time. But please… be a peach & leave one in size XL for me, OK?  Thanks!

6 thoughts on “A rare sighting, but a must-have for mastectomy survivors!

    1. MastectomySolutions Post author

      Hi Nicole, Sure thing! You can go to my website here: http://mastectomysolutions.com/items-for-sale.php and read/scroll down the page to where you see the microbead forms, and there’s a ‘Buy Now’ button below them. I make them for pretty much the cost of getting all the materials for anyone who doesn’t sew, it’s $38 for a pair (two exactly alike) and that includes postage/shipping so that’s all you pay. If you prefer to sew them yourself, I also give free patterns and instructions on the page ‘Sew your own breast forms’ on that same website. Way back when I wrote the website, I thought EVERYONE still sewed, lol… hey, I’m getting OLD, lol… way back when I was a teen, we had to learn to sew in school, then I didn’t ever have children so I didn’t KNOW they stopped teaching it many years ago. SO….pretty soon, I started making them for anyone who wanted them. I feel like no one should have to experience the pain of silicone breast forms, so if they don’t sew, I’m happy to do make the microbead forms for them. Doesn’t take me long, I usually have them sewn and mailed within a couple days unless I’m way behind, and then it can occasionally take more like five days. They’re kind of a pain to make if one isn’t used to sewing stretchy fabric like spandex, but for me it’s easy, I’ve done it so long, I actually enjoy it! :^)


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