There’s a sale afoot!

Just noticed an email from Genie, there’s a sale on all their summer colors (15 colors!) for $9 each!  WITH FREE SHIPPING, too!   I have so many colors already that I may not order this time, but it’s an awesome deal and these work great for those of us with mastectomy who wear microbead breast forms, and especially well for those of us whose regular bras ride up because there’s NO problem of that with a Genie cami-shaper.  They are made with a ‘pocket’ built in, to hold the triangle shape modesty pads that they come with, and I’ve always been able to push my own size XL microbead breast forms inside them without having to cut the pocket’s opening any larger.  I still urge people to get at least one or two sizes larger than you think you need because in your true size they are very snug, as in ‘being hugged by a python’ snug, and that could cause swelling in your arm where lymph nodes were removed.  My own size should be L, or maybe XL, but I get 2X and love it!  Because of worries about lymphedema issues when we wear too-tight items, I’d never wear one for shaping, but even the ones I get a couple sizes larger still do shape up my tummy a bit.  Be aware that often a LOT of people order during their sales so sometimes it takes weeks and weeks for them to get to everyone, and occasionally they make a color mistake.  I recently ordered the ‘hula blue’ and got a green instead, so I emailed them about it and they sent another one to me for free…and…you guessed it…it was green again, sigh…..  BUT, I’d say that about 98% of the time, they’d get a five star review from me.  For savings like this and free shipping, an occasional color mistake or long shipping time is still worth it.  If you want any though, look at their website fast because they are already running out of some color/size combinations, sigh…  If you don’t know where their website is, it’s at this link:

8 thoughts on “There’s a sale afoot!

  1. Teresa

    I’ve never tried the cami shaper…always thought it would just roll up around my waist…so wondering if it really stays put? Also wondering if it would possibly work as a swimsuit top?

    1. MastectomySolutions Post author

      I think the trick is to pull the cami-shaper down before pulling the top of your undies up over it. Plus, I wear jeans a lot, so it stays in place all the time with me. It’s possible that by wearing it any other way, it might could pull up some with a lot of activity, but the bottom has a wide extra strong ‘hem’ so that grips rather than rolls. Whomever invented those things, really thought it out well. I’m not sure about it as a swimsuit top, Teresa. I could see wearing it under something breezy, such as a lightweight ‘shirt-like’ top made of scarf fabric, with the front bottom tied in a knot just below the bust area. It could pass pretty well that way maybe. It does have enough stretch that as far as comfort, it’d do well and wouldn’t droop or anything. They come in so many colors that likely no one would even recognize it as a cami-shaper, really, I’d just not thought about it before. You might be onto something!

  2. Susan

    I use a sports bra with an elastic strap replacing the hook and eye so I can pull it over my head like a shirt. Because my chest is concave and my belly is round it kept riding up. I bought a men’s tank t-shirt and cut is straight across just below the armholes. I zig-zagged the cut edge of the t-shirt to the bottom edge of the bra. Now I can tuck it into my jeans or whatever I’m wearing and it doesn’t ride up at all. Pretty easy for those who sew.

    1. MastectomySolutions Post author

      Excellent, Susan! You have figured out a fast and easy way to do this. I’ve just been wondering about raiding my closet for old stretchy tops to attach to the bottom of my own bras so that I can wear them again without them riding up. Used to be, I’d just do as I’ve shown on my website on the page: where I showed how to make your own stretchy ‘swimsuit fabric’ tube to sew on, but it involves seaming and hemming, and is time consuming. If people want to do it much faster and easier, using a tank top or even a stretchy exercise top would be much faster and easier. Good going, I’m proud of you! 🙂

  3. Elizabeth

    I just went to place an order for one – got the sale price, but no free shipping. Is there a promotional code for that?

    1. MastectomySolutions Post author

      Hi Elizabeth! I just now looked at my email, and what it said specifically was ‘Free Shipping on all Cami-Shaper orders’, but when I tested it by starting to place an order and put in my zip code, there suddenly appeared a $3.99 shipping fee! I’d never been charged anything for shipping before, so I’m assuming that they’ve made an error in the order form. There was one of those little windows over to the far right that said, “Need Assistance? Chat with a Customer Care Specialist’, so my bet is that if you do that, they’ll take off the shipping charge. How odd… that’s the first time I’ve ever seen any sort of shipping charge… Please let me know what happens if you do the chat thing, I’d be very interested to know!

  4. Elizabeth

    Customer care chat specialist gave me different hours than the website specifies, so I guess I’ll have to call them tomorrow. Will let you know.


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