Found one, and thanks!

Remember my recent post about looking for an iPad that could download and save some online classes for me? I think I had a few hundred people looking, lol… but everyone can stop now. Just found a great deal on one after someone sent me a link and have bought it. Should be working with my classes within the next couple of weeks if I can figure the thing out, lol…. (I’m very confident with Android, so this will be a whole new thing to learn, but I’m sure it’ll be fun. Well, after I stop beating my head against the wall and muttering , “Why, oh why, is technology not EASIER!”) Ha! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Found one, and thanks!

  1. Lucie Sorrell

    My sister had a mastectomy on one breast and has an insert but the thing is so heavy! How can I make a lighter one that will be comfortable for her! They only removed one breast because she had no health insurance. Your help would be greatly appreciated!

    1. MastectomySolutions Post author

      Hi Lucie! You’re a great sister and I know she appreciates your looking for solutions for her, and I have one for you. Go to my website, and click on the to of page tab “Sew Your Own Breast Forms”. I have a photo tutorial there on exactly how to make a very lightweight breast form for her using swimsuit fabric and lightweight microbeads that you can buy online from JoAnn’s craft store. For someone size Medium, it weighs about 1/2 of an ounce, for an XL size, it’s about one ounce. (She’ll hardly know she has it on!)

      You can use the pattern and instructions shown on the page, but where you see the little ‘fill tab’ on it, draw out your pattern with that extended about 2 1/2 inches longer so that it will become a ‘fill tube’. Then, just make the form the same otherwise as shown in the tutorial. When finished, you can fold down the fill tube a few times and pin it with a safety pin. Your sister can then try on the form, and if she needs to take out any microbeads so that it’ll match her other side in volume and drape, she can remove the safety pin and squeeze out the amount needed & try it on again. When it’s just right, sew the tube shut as shown on the page “Items for Sale” just down in the first few paragraphs at the top where it says “Customizing Microbead Breast forms with Adjustment Tubes”. There’s a photo tutorial there, too.

      I put all my patterns and instructions on the web for free for anyone to make for themselves or family, and I also sell them for not much more than the price of materials needed to get started, since so many people either don’t sew or don’t have access to the materials where they live. It’s more economical to make your own if you’re making a couple of sets and get a little extra of fabric and backing, etc… but I also make them for people on a first come, first served basis, sewing each one customized to them after they fill out the ‘Checklist’ on that Items for Sale page, so don’t worry. If you have any problems, just order from me and I’ll be glad to sew a set of two (so she’ll have one to wear and one to wash, always having a fresh form) for $42 total, and that includes postage and everything.

      Since my own problems and pains from using heavy silicone breast forms, I’ve tried to get everyone possible to try these as it’s sooooo much more comfortable than the heavy type forms. At first, I only made them for people who had both breasts removed, but with so many requests, I started customizing them that way for people with one breast and needing to match the lightweight form to it. I apologize for not yet adding complete directions to the photo tutorials for that, putting it all on one page. I’ll try to get that done one day. 🙂 Also, if she wants just a little weight so that it’ll help hold down her bra if she’s finding it riding up, you can put about 1/3 of the filling in doll pellets that Michaels and Hobby Lobby sells. If she wears a much larger size, I’d go down to about 1/4th the volume in doll pellets, as they can get a bit heavy if you get too many. Let me know if you have any questions or problems in making them, etc…, I’ll be here for you! :^)


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