I’m sewing again! MastectomySolutions.com is officially open once again…

(**Note:  I had thought this post below was published at the beginning of this year, but just now found that it was saved as a ‘draft’.  So, I’m publishing it today.  It’s now been a little over 13 months since my husband passed away, but everything else is about the same.**)

Well, it’s been close to 8 months since my husband passed away.  Christmas was tough.  Even tougher since one of my closest friends passed away unexpectedly in early December.  She’d called me DAILY since my husband passed away…   She was my ROCK!  Life had begun to move forward.  Then, she was gone.  GONE.  Her heart. Life is so very fragile.

Words cannot express how much I still miss my husband, and my friend.   You couldn’t write a more depressing story and have anyone believe it, right?  Sigh….. but you know what?  I’d already lost more than half a dozen other friends in the previous few months, and dealt with it, with her there to help.  At our ages, we lose a lot of people.

I’d planned and promised for months to officially get the website going again no later than January 1st, but I explained all the above so you’ll understand the delay.  I’ve actually already been sewing microbead forms for some of you during the months the announcement was still on the website that it was closed.  Many people had written in during the time it was first closed and I’d promised to email them to take their orders first before reopening publicly.  I did the best I could with that, but there were so many, and I’d do them in batches, waiting for responses before going on to the next batch, etc… I am sure I’ve missed people, please forgive me if it was you!

Anyway, life goes on, right?  I’ve got the sewing room humming again, and am here, officially, open again! FINALLY!  I’ll take orders as they come, and will sew each one and ship as soon as possible, just please realize that occasionally there may be several orders coming in close together and it may take me a few days longer than it used to take me to sew them previously.  My new philosophy?  It takes as long as it takes.

You see, life really has changed in more ways than one.  I’ve decided that life is too fragile and short to only sit in front of the sewing machine.  My gift to myself in recent months was that I made many new friends, went to a new church, volunteered at a food pantry, reconnected with work friends from long ago, and in short, just tried to make my life more joyful in whatever ways I could, rather than dwell on just sadness.

I’m happy to say that the friends I’ve made now are wonderful people.   I’m now living a life more open to adventure… and fun where I can find it.  I’ve met other widows in my church that like to go places with me.  We go to movies, library activities, plays, on day-trips, etc… and we help each other remember to smile.  I’ve renewed friendships with people I worked with for years and enjoyed outings with them as well.  Surviving after a loss will either break you, or propel you, and I guess I’ve had some of both.

It’s a new year, with new goals.  My first one was to officially reopen the website and get back to the sewing that gave meaning to my life.  All the breast cancer survivors out there are very dear to my heart.

Next, I’m also going to be decluttering more in my house, doing a few other crafts with friends, doing a little minor redecorating, and just basically lightening my load of stress along the way in whatever ways I can.  I’ll be here for you, just please have patience with me, friends, because on some days, the sewing machines will be turned off and I’ll be on some other adventure for a day.  Like I said, life is fragile, and short, you have to enjoy it NOW!

14 thoughts on “I’m sewing again! MastectomySolutions.com is officially open once again…

  1. Sharron Ruhlen

    Hooray for feeling good enough to return to work. Good job making new friends and getting out more. You’ve been through a lot and deserve a more balanced life.

  2. Laura Stewart

    So sorry to learn of your losses, but SO PROUD and HAPPY for you to be taking on new adventures and challenges. Good for you gal! Hoping to lighten our load too…it’s a tough task!! May your days be brighter…

  3. Linda Albrecht

    My heart goes out to you and at the same time, filled with gratitude for your sharing this time and encouragement. i have the ‘solutions’ you sent to me several years ago and since have had a second mastectomy – 28 years after the first. My husband is still with me – 57 years, but we also realize life is fragile and needs to be appreciated and enjoyed as much as possible every single day….. so indeed – thank you so much.for sharing your heart.

    Linda Albrecht

    1. MastectomySolutions Post author

      Oh Linda, you are so precious, thank you! I am so sorry you had to go through this again, but so glad you are still alright. I remember you from around 3 years ago, I think. Wow, 57 years! You two are so blessed, and so rare. It’s wonderful to have a love that lasts so long, makes life truly beautiful. Sending you (((HUGS))), both of you!

    1. MastectomySolutions Post author

      Thank you so much, Patty. I’m still hanging in there, as we all are. Some days I think I’m invincible and others I think I was obviously crazy to think that. I guess if we find a medium point, life is pretty good. 😉

  4. Ida

    Wow! I have been thinking about sending you an uplifting message, and seeing if you were back to sewing, but you have uplifted me! I also, have lost several friends and aquaintances the past 18 months, but God has been good to me and given me more than I deserve.So glad you have found new friends and a new church. Would like to place an order, so if you could private message me.

    1. MastectomySolutions Post author

      Hi Ida, good to see you again here! Recognized your name right away, it reminds me of someone I knew probably 40 years ago and always brings a smile to my face. Yes, God has been good to us, and we have to keep seeing the positives in life. As long as we surround ourselves with good friends who don’t bog us down in negativity and drama, we can survive. I’m SO THANKFUL that at this later stage of life, I’ve learned to do that and things are going to be OK. I’ve just now sent you a message to your yahoo email addy so if you didn’t get it, please let me know. Sometimes yahoo doesn’t let my emails through to people, sometimes they do, no idea why, lol… (HUGS!)

  5. Pat Skene

    Hi Mary. I was very happy to see this post and hear that you are doing all the good things to rebuild your life. I lost my very dear sister last year which was devastating. And for the past year and a half, I have been taking care of my husband who continues to be very ill. Without my sister there to hold me up, it’s a struggle some days. This past week has been particularly difficult with more emergency room visits. So I think I understand some of what you have been through. One day at a time and I continue to count my many blessings. Nice to know you are sewing again. I will be placing an order soon. Take care.

    1. MastectomySolutions Post author

      Oh Pat, I am so sorry to hear about your sister…. and about your husband’s continued illness. Yes, I have lived it, and know how stressful and tiring it can be without someone there to help you through it. Call me anytime you’d like to talk, Pat, I’m here to listen, even if I don’t have a way to make it better.


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