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Merry Christmas to all my Mastectomy Solutions friends!

 I still can’t believe it’s almost Christmas.

Every day passes with lightening speed lately. Between sewing for all of you, taking a neighbor’s little boy to basketball practice (totally new for me as I never had children, lol…) and working on my church’s fellowship hall to get a small corner ready for a sewing program, I just didn’t notice how close the holiday was until friends were talking about our plans to visit that day. Oh my! It’s HERE!

Sometimes, I feel as if I’m living in some sort of alternate universe since my dear husband, Steve, passed last year. On that first holiday, I spent Christmas day pretty much bypassed by everyone. Those of you who are widows, know what I mean. But, when life gives you lemons, you make lemon-aid as best you can.

This year, I will be with a selection of other ladies who are also widows. We will make the best of it and keep moving forward. Yes, hankies will likely be involved, but there will also be lots of laughter and fellowship. We lift each other up!

Isn’t that what MastectomySolutions is all about? We were handed something we didn’t expect and never wanted, breast cancer with mastectomy. Being women, we know we can’t sit and dwell, nor can we continue to be uncomfortable in silence. We deal with it and try to move forward. We develop solutions of our own and share with each other, to reduce the discomfort mastectomy leaves us with.

If you are hurting this year, emotionally or physically, find a way to share with others going through the same thing. They will listen, you will listen, and you both will learn and grow. Sometimes just sitting with someone over a cup of coffee, can be the most beautiful thing, it can change your outlook. You are not alone, what you are going through is normal, and you will not only survive, you will thrive.

I love you all, dear friends! I feel honored to have met you, even if only online and email, it feels as if we have been friends all these years. Looking forward to another year of sharing, solving, and sewing. Merry Christmas!